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It was only a question of when, and against whom, and with six home games this week, it was a safe bet the Baltimore Orioles would tie up their championship in a bow for the legions of orange-clad partisans who cheer them on at Camden Yards.

A remarkably balanced and resourceful team, the Orioles won their 90th game against the Blue Jays on Monday night. On Tuesday, more than 35,000 expectant fans came out to experience a celebration. They started the party in the first inning and the merriment mounted apace. By the fifth, the fans were on their feet and cheering at the end of each inning, counting the outs required for the Orioles’ first American League East title since 1997.

The final score was 8-2, and the suspense was minimal. Baltimore led 4-2 after two and held that edge into the seventh, but it never felt that close. The Blue Jays obliged a hometown script. (Photo: Patrick Semansky/The Associated Press)

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Happy Birthday Nas! (September 14, 1973)

"He [Amy’s manager] is crying […] and he’s a big guy […], he pulls me outside and he’s like ‘you know she wrote these lyrics for you’ and I was like ‘wow’, you know what I’m saying?” - Nas talking about Cherry Wine

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Rocket Bunny Unleashes the NSX series read it here:

I would love to drive that

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